Tulip Time's greatest street food...

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With Holland’s Tulip Time Festival underway, it’s time to settle the question once and for all. Which is Tulip Time's greatest street food, the elephant ear or the funnel cake?

Everybody has an opinion, and it's time to air them out: Michigan Awesome style.

Now through the end of Tulip Time (May 14), we're taking your votes via Facebook messenger. Send us a message and tell us if you think Tulip Time's greatest street food is:

the elephant ear


the funnel cake

As a thank you for your participation, everyone who messages us with their vote will get a discount code for a FREE brand new Michigan Tulip sticker! And while the polls are open, you can snag a deal on ALL Dutch Empire and HOLLAnd apparel. 

(Hey you don't have to be Dutch to love a good deal!)

Tulip Time's greatest street food is...

And if you happen to be on the fence about which street food really is the greatest...it's time to get out there and do some field research.  

Speaking of field research, we decided to hit the streets of Tulip Time and get ourselves some Oliebollen. Don't know what that is? Check out our video as we talk with the street vendor who's been making Oliebollen for over 53 years.



Street food not really your thing? No problem. There is, of course, lots more that makes Tulip Time awesome. Check out the full daily schedule and find something that appeals to your sensibilities. You'll be glad you did! 

1 comment
Mr. & Mrs. Hensley
Mr. & Mrs. Hensley

“Just Beautiful!” I have gone before and still I am trying to get my husband to go. The hole town and people are very welcoming . I would say it is one way to enjoy and learn some about another culture. It does not cost as much as well!" Thank you for keeping this on going and looking forward to enjoying! It is hard to choose between elephant ear or funnel cake as they are booth good. I say funnel cake.

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