About Us

Michigan Awesome was founded in the spring of 2009 as a response to the national headlines focusing on the downtrodden auto industry and reports about how our State was "in total disrepair." When the media pundits started slinging mud at Michigan, our economic conditions worsened, and friends started to mention how "they couldn't wait to get out of here before the roof caves in." It didn't sit well. We love this place and wanted to find a way to express our relentlessly optimistic love of Michigan.

Michigan Awesome was created as a celebration of state pride and hometown love. Based in Holland, Michigan, we are proud to offer high quality products to Michiganders in our home state, across the country, and around the world.

Join us in celebrating the land shaped like a hand. Because it’s good to be where you’re from.

Our Team

  • Dave - Director of Operations

    Dave is responsible for making sure that the ship stays afloat and the business operations are cruising along at all times.

  • Kevin - Director of Sales and Marketing

    Kevin makes sure all the techy things are working as they should and that sales are flowing.

  • Carrie - Head Screen Printer

    Carrie is our primary squeegee slinger, hand-printing all orders to perfection.

  • Kendal - Production Lead

    Kendal ("Kenny Dog") makes sure all orders are packed up with care and out the door on time in record time.

  • Brenda - Production Manager

    Brenda is our fearless production team and customer service manager, ensuring all orders are accounted for and the team is happily humming along.

  • Abby - Production Assistant

    Abby is the Queen of Michigan Awesome Gift Box Land and chief screen maker.

  • Bill - Client Relations Manager

    Bill makes the Good Ink custom apparel ordering experience a delightful one with well-timed puns and a wealth of knowledge.

  • Dayna - Lead Designer

    Dayna is our amazing lead designer, ready to pump out perfectly-tuned artwork that you're sure to love.