Michigan cyclists share their favorite rides - East and West

Michigan cycling enthusiasts wait all winter for summer to come around...and it's finally here! That means it’s time to dust off that road bike or commuter and take in all the sights, sounds, and smells on two wheels.

Now, you could hit any old road or trail, but we wanted to get you some advice on the very best rides from cycling pros around the state.

So we reached out to Shayne O’Keefe of Detroit’s Metropolis Cycles and Brad White of Holland’s Velo City Cycles and asked:

What are your favorite novice and advanced rides in your area?

Here’s what they had to say...Go ahead and take their advice, and up your sartorial game with a BRAND NEW Michigan Awesome cycling jersey or bike Michigan tee while you're at it.

First up, east side!

Shayne O'Keefe, Metropolis Cycles, Detroit

"I've been a cyclist and bicycle commuter in Detroit for 15 years. I've had nearly every type of bicycle job one can have including: bike messenger, food delivery, curbside recycling, bicycle mechanic, bike shop owner, pedicab.

    Fave ride for novices

    "My favorite ride for beginners would be Belle Isle. Hands down, the most scenic and easy to navigate. One can drive in with their bikes. Park and cycle around the 5 mile loop. There's plenty of places to stop and picnic, swim, and rest. The terrain is flat and the roads are free of debris. Great riding."

    Fave advanced ride

    "The best advanced ride, I believe, is The Metropolis Monday Night Ride. There's a faster group that leaves the Corktown store at 7 every Monday. The people are from all different walks of life and the bikes are beautiful. The route is different every week, and averages about 40 miles."

    Next up...west side!

    Brad White

    Brad White, Velo City Cycles, Holland

    Favorite food: hamburger
    Favorite beverage: Americano
    Favorite bike I've ever owned: Schwinn Le Tour
    When I'm not working at VCC you can find me riding my bike around West Michigan or building tree forts in the woods with our kids.

    Fave ride for novices

    To Holland State Park and Back - 15.9 miles, elevation +/- 170ft

    Fave advanced rides

    Laketown Loop - 23.1 miles, elevation +/- 394 ft

    Washout and Back - 36.2 miles, elevation +/- 615

    There you have it, whether your riding on the east or west side of the lower peninsula, these routes are sure to please beginners and veterans alike. Our special thanks to Shayne and Brad for sharing their routes and advice with us.

    Have a favorite route in your area that you'd like to share? Leave us a comment and we'll check it out!

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