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Bring The Family Together Or Enjoy A Night In With A Quality Michigan Puzzle

You love puzzles. You love the State of Michigan. We’ve got Michigan puzzles to marry your two passions together! Michigan Awesome carries an excellent selection of high-quality puzzles that you can use for family game nights, rainy days, or nights in. 

Puzzles Featuring Locations Throughout The State Of Michigan

Michigan Awesome offers several different puzzle options featuring various locations throughout the entire state. No matter where you’re located, or where you enjoy vacationing, chances are we’ve got a puzzle for at least one of your favorite locations in the state. We don’t pick favorites when it comes to peninsulas either. We’ve got puzzles featuring both the upper peninsula and the lower peninsula. The locations of all of our puzzles are broken out by peninsula below. 

Upper Peninsula Puzzles

  • Lake Superior
  • Northern Lights in the Upper Peninsula
  • Tahquamenon Falls 
  • Lake of the Clouds 
  • Main Street Mackinac Island
  • The Grand Hotel (Mackinac Island)
  • Miners Castle (Munising)

Lower Peninsula Puzzles

  • The Fist (Detroit)
  • Mackinac Bridge (view from the lower peninsula)
  • The Troll’s View (Under the Mackinac Bridge)
  • Point Betsie Lighthouse (Frankfort)
  • The Cadillac Fountain (Cadillac)
  • Big Red (lighthouse in Holland)
  • The Capitol of Michigan (Lansing)

500 Vs 1,000 Piece Michigan Puzzles

We offer puzzles in two different sizes: 500-piece and 1,000-piece. The 500-piece puzzles are sized 24” x 18” and the 1,000-piece puzzles are available in a size of 27” x 20”. Both sizes offer a fun challenge for any puzzle enthusiast. We recommend a 500-piece puzzle if you want something you can knock out in an evening and a 1,000-piece puzzle if you’d like something to work on for an entire day or over the span of multiple days. 

Why Order Puzzles Through Michigan Awesome?

Michigan Awesome is a small business based in Holland, MI owned and operated by Michiganders. We were founded in 2009 and have grown to become one of the largest online retailers celebrating Michigan with state-related shirts, gifts, and souvenirs. While we’ve grown from our humble beginnings we still take great pride in offering the customer service you’d expect from a local family-owned business. You’ll never have an issue reaching a member of our team. 

Many of the products we sell (including our puzzles) are proudly made or finished in America for those that love the Great Lakes State as much as we do. Your order directly supports Michigan families. We also offer free in-state shipping for orders over $75. You could order four puzzles to receive free shipping, or you could pair a puzzle with some of our other awesome Michigan products. Make it a game night and pair a puzzle with delicious Michigan snacks and Michigan Awesome barware for drinks. 

Michigan Awesome Puzzle FAQs

Are These Puzzles Made In Michigan?

The photographs for the puzzles were taken by a Michigan native, Phil Stagg, and are produced in the USA. Phil started taking photos in 2009 and has spent the last 14 years capturing the beauty of both natural and manmade landscapes throughout Michigan. Phil lives in Cadillac, MI, but he has road-tripped across much of the state throughout his life. Your purchase supports both Phil and the Michiganders that work at Michigan Awesome. 

How Long Do The Puzzles Take To Complete?

The length of time it will take to complete our puzzles varies greatly depending on the size of the puzzle you order. Our 500-piece puzzles will take much less time to complete compared to our 1,000-piece puzzles. On average it takes about 4 hours to complete a 500-piece puzzle and 9 hours to complete a 1,000-piece puzzle. 

Time can also vary depending on the design of the puzzle. Puzzles with little variance in color are harder to complete compared to puzzles with a large variance in color between pieces. For instance, the Detroit Fist puzzle is going to be easier to complete compared to the Northern Lights puzzle, because a lot of the pieces for the sky in the Northern Lights puzzle are going to look similar. You should budget around 2 - 7 hours for a 500-piece puzzle and 5 - 12 hours for a 1,000-piece puzzle. Consider yourself a puzzle expert? See if you can beat the average times!

Are These Michigan Puzzles For Adults Or Children?

Our Michigan puzzles are a great way to pass the time for both children and adults alike! The 1,000-piece puzzles are a great challenge for adults. The puzzles are made with smaller pieces, so we recommend keeping them away from children aged three and under to avoid choking hazards.