About Us

MichiganAwesome was founded in the spring of 2009 as a response to the national headlines focusing on the downtrodden auto industry and reports about how our State was "in total disrepair."  When the media pundits starting slinging mud at Michigan, our economic conditions worsened, and friends started to mention how "they couldn't wait to get out of here before the roof caves in," it didn't sit well. We love this place and wanted to find a way to express my relentlessly optimistic love of Michigan.

Also, as Michigan residents, we've enjoyed growing up in West Michigan and spending summers in the U.P, sailing the lakes, camping at the beach and anything else Michigan related. We have all traveled quite a bit and have been more than happy to come home to Michigan after each and every trip. There's really no place like it here. 

MichiganAwesome is a celebration of hometown pride disguised a shirt company. Our hope is that you relate to the messaging, enjoy the optimistic attitude, and use these shirts to share in the love of Michigan with your friends. 


The Michigan Awesome Team