Michigan Awesome Photo Contest!

We are super excited to launch our first-ever Michigan Awesome Photo Contest! We'd LOVE for you to enter! What are we looking for, you ask? This will help:

What do you want a photograph of?

We want your BEST photographs of MICHIGAN, in any season! Think scenic, think unique, think beautiful.

What do you not want?

Close-ups of people or sculptures, statues, paintings or other works of art.  It’s okay if a person or object happens to be in the environment, we just don’t want to recognize people, and don’t want people or art to be the focal point of the shot.

What’s really important to remember?

The photo MUST have been shot by the entrant (that’s YOU!) in the State of Michigan.

Who can enter?

Anyone who is a United States citizen and age 18+ at the time of entry, including professional photographers.

How many photographs can I enter?

You may enter a maximum of three.

How do I enter?

Post your photograph(s) from your Facebook account to the Michigan Awesome Facebook account wall. If you do not have a Facebook account, you may send your image to penelope.morrison@michiganawesome.com. Each entry must be labeled with the location.

What format do you want the photograph in?

You can post your photograph to the Michigan Awesome Facebook account in any format. In the event that you are a finalist, we will request a high resolution copy of the image in a JPEG or .jpg file. Only submit a photo to the contest if you have a high resolution version. 

How does the judging work?

We have a panel of judges at Michigan Awesome who will narrow down the entries to TEN finalists.  Judging of the contest will be based on: composition and arrangement, interest and impact. If you are one of the finalists, we will reach out to you to fill out an official entry form, as well as send us the high resolution copy of the image. If you are one of the finalists, your picture will be posted to the Michigan Awesome Facebook page for vote by “like.” The top three pictures with the greatest number of likes will be winners! Michigan Awesome may select to award up to two additional winners.

Cool! What are the prizes?

1st place: $125 Michigan Awesome credit

2nd place: $100 Michigan Awesome credit

3rd place: $75 Michigan Awesome credit

Possible 4th and 5th place: $50 Michigan Awesome credit

Who will own the photograph after it is submitted for the contest?

YOU will retain ownership. However, your entering will grant us the right to use, publish, display, distribute, reproduce, sell and edit the picture for our use. If you want more details, Official Rules can be found here.

When does the contest run?

Submit your photograph(s) to our Facebook account starting NOW (3/12/14) through 3/23/14 at 11:59 pm EST

Finalists selected: 3/24/14 - 3/25/14

Finalists announced via Facebook and Newsletter: 3/26/14  

You can "like" your favorites on Facebook: 3/26/14 - 3/30/14

Winners announced by 4/2/14

We can’t wait to see your scenic Michigan shots!

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